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DressCoder provides clothing recognition service (SaaS).

API methods include uploading clothing images or offer data (images and metadata), tagging offers, processing images, and retrieving image information. Documentation is available by request. Developers must be registered for access.


DressCoder AI powered solutions are intended to both increase clothing e-commerce performance and improve search tools for customers.


DressCoder applies Computer Vision and Natural Language Understanding technologies to infer the set of tags from images and available metadata of the offers.
Different languages are supported.

Auto-tagging application examples:
- Keyword Search Enhancement based on improved, complete and correct metadata.
- Filters built on the provided tags hierarchy.
- Attribute Popularity Statistics based on tags of the products and sales statistics.
- Lookbooks.
Sample application of auto-tagging - Lookbooks

The visual search tools supplement the traditional keyword search.
- Find Similar Clothing Products: similar clothing recommendations while browsing the retailer collection online.
- Find Complementary Clothing Products: complementary clothing recommendations, look generation.
- Search Products by a Customer Sample: the visual search tools provide an opportunity to find similar and / or complementary products online by a customer picture.
- Duplicates recognition is useful to improve product descriptions through merging information from all sources and to control collection and prices in a marketplace.
Borrowing reference looks is a possible application of visual search tools.